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Magic Cyclops

Contestant #89356

Magic Cyclops (real name: Scott Fuller) is a professional air guitarist of an unknown age. On audition day he was dressed in an American flag shirt with a bandanna on his head labeled "MAGIC". When outside, he is also seen wearing a brightly colored traditional poncho. Magic Cyclops is formerly a Davenport, IA resident until he left town due to riverboat gambling debts. Magic Cyclops claims to own 11,000 air guitars (though we only see a small selection on-air, probably due to the cost of transporting them all). He claims that he has a British accent because his family was so poor that they could only afford a television that got PBS and thus he grew up watching BBC programming on PBS.

As Magic Cyclops entered the audition room he shouted, "Bring in the Kraken!" and the judges quickly corrected him. He sang Neil Diamond's Cracklin' Rosie (though Magic Cyclops calls it "Cracklin' Rose"). Not surprisingly, Magic Cyclops sang the song without any discernible talent but Jennifer asked to hear more. He then sang Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett (pronounced by Magic Cyclops as "James Buffet") with the same level of skill.

Randy didn't seem to want to play along and headed toward the bathroom, but Magic Cyclops wanted to show off his grand finale: He dropped to one knee while at the same time confetti shot upwards from his backside. Steven asked, "Was that your a**?!?" and Magic Cyclops confirmed that it was.

Randy asked Magic Cyclops to take his glasses off but he claimed that the sunglasses were prescription and that he also had no eyes (which is a strange claim for someone named 'Magic Cyclops' if you think about it). Randy then left the room, and soon after Jennifer left the area via the opposite direction. Steven and Magic Cyclops walked away from the audition area together.

Outside, Magic Cyclops claims to have put Steven Tyler where he is today since he owns several Aerosmith CDs. As he departed, Magic Cyclops requested that the ending theme to The Incredible Hulk be played. Sure enough, Joe Harnell's The Lonely Man started playing as Magic Cyclops slowly dragged his bag down the street, holding out a thumb to passersby.

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Angie Zeiderman

Contestant #83298

Angie respects Lady Gaga's performance style and also likes to make everything she does a performance.

In front of the judges, Angie sang When You Got It, Flaunt It from The Producers. During the performance Angie strutted around the stage and then loudly dropped down hard onto her knees, prompting Randy to react with, "Ow!". Angie then squirmed around the stage a bit, singing and out of breath from the physical performance. Angie apologized that she didn't get down more because her tight dress was too restricting.

Jennifer was impressed by the performance but Randy is turned off by showtunes because they tend to bring out that type of vibratto that he doesn't like. Angie offered to sing something that wasn't a showtune but Randy said he was good. Jennifer pushed for her to sing something else so Angie sang the Linda Ronstadt version of Blue Bayou. Randy admitted that the song changed his mind and Angie was passed on to Hollywood.

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Alanna Snare

Contestant #80029

Alanna shared that she works at a restaurant known for serving the novelty food Rocky Mountain Oysters (fried bull calf testes). She mentioned that the restaurant offers bull, buffalo, and turkey varieties of the dish to which Steven asked, "Turkeys have b***s???" Jolene explained that turkey's testes were internal and therefore not visible.

Alanna wailed Dolly Parton's Jolene while the television audience heard cows mooing overtop her performance. Steven told her that her melody was all over the place and the judges sent her away without a ticket.

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Tealana Hedgespeth

Contestant #83582

Tealana decided to audition for American Idol to get out from under the shadow of her twin sister Stevie L., who is going to school for "performance". The Color Guard Coach noted that she and her sister had different personalities. She introduced herself to the judges as "Tealana Ron", but it was unclear if that was her middle name, a performance name, or something else. She also told Randy that he could call her "Dawg".

While Tealana was trying her best to sing Bring Me Some Water by Melissa Etheridge, Jennifer leaned over to Steven and whispered, "If you ask her for another song, I'm gonna kill you." Steven suggested she record her voice and listen to it. They told her that she was cute with a great personality but the voice just wasn't strong enough for American Idol.

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Jenni Schick

Contestant #83136

Jenni describes herself as "overly energetic, to the point where people have to tell me to stop." This point is proven as we see her mauling some guy's head with her hands and then walking backwards while making the obnoxious "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP" construction vehicle noise.

The 24-year-old music teacher from Sterling, VA mentions that her least favorite part of the job is teaching the recorder because "30 recorders in one room with beginning recorder players makes me want to vomit."

Jenni admitted that she has three celebrities on her "celebrity pass list" (for kissing):

  1. Steven Tyler
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Adam Levine

So clearly the focus was to take the Idol auditions as a great excuse to kiss Steven. As soon as she got in the audition room, Jenni turned on the flirtatious act and explained her arrangement to the judges. Steven told her that she better sing well.

For her audition Jenni sang Pat Benetar's Heartbreaker and did well enough to get a unanimous vote through to Hollywood. She walked over to Steven, who gave her a full-on kiss on the lips. She reacted by screaming with glee and jumping up and down. It's hard to say whether she was more excited about Hollywood or Steven's lips.

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Samantha Novacek and Patricia Bell

Contestants #1162 & #1163

Samantha came to audition for American Idol and she brought along her sister Patricia, a.k.a. Patty the Pittsburgh Planker. The sisters agreed that Samantha sang better when Patty was planking.

Ryan got down on the floor to plank but put his arms up in the air in front of him as well, Superman style instead of planking style (arms at the side).

Before Samantha sang Faith Hill's Like We Never Loved At All, Patty got down on the stage to plank. Apparently unaware of the rules of planking, Steven asked her how long she could hold that position for. Of course, he received no response from Patty. She held the proper form for the entire singing portion of the audition but did collapse for the judges once Samantha finished singing.

The judges enjoyed Samantha's voice enough to pass her on to Hollywood. We didn't hear the judges discussing Patricia's fate, however when they emerged they both held golden tickets, so it looks like Samantha will have her lucky plank with her in Hollywood!

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